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In part 1 of this fantastic series by Men for ‘Free Male Videos’ Tommy Defendi (who plays the babysitter) flirts with Cameron Foster, his boss, but Cameron is on the way out and ignores his advances so Tommy phones a friend and they fuck on the couch.
tommy defendi
This episode starts with Cameron on the phone to Jessy Ares and tells him that he wants to fuck Tommy’s ass, but wants to make sure that Tommy is a good fuck first and asks Jessy if he can fuck Tommy instead and let him know if he’s worth it or not. Jessy is more than happy to give him a hand, especially as he is going to get paid for it.

Tommy Defendi is at the Foster’s house when there is a knock at the door. It’s Jessy Ares holding up a bag of food telling Tommy that the Foster’s ordered him food as a surprise. Tommy thinks that is good of them so Riley walks straight in and drops the bag on the floor. Tommy looks at him and watches in amazement as Jessy starts to strip off his clothes right in front of him. Jessy goes and lies on the bed in just his underpants and explains that Cameron has paid him to have sex with him, and if he doesn’t, then he won’t get paid. Nobody turns down gay sex, and if a sexy man is lying on your bed waiting for you, what are you going to do?
Tommy climbs on top of him and they have a quick kiss when Tommy comes back down between Jessy’s spread legs, pulls his pants off and gets sucking on Jessy’s dick straight away. Tommy takes his cock to the back of his throat, gently squeezing Jessy’s heavy ball sack at the same time. Tommy strips naked and as he lies back on the bed, Jessy lies on his front and makes Tommy groan with pure lust as he sucks on his cock.
jessy ares

The Gay Porn Stars In Action

‘Oh My God’ Tommy groans as Jessy carries on sucking his dick when he feels his cock throbbing inside his wet and warm mouth.
Great close up shots next as Jessy goes on his back and pulls his knees up to his chest. Tommy moves forward, spits on his asshole and takes a good long lick of his musky hot hole. Tommy teases Jessy’s dripping hole by rubbing his fat cock head all around his rim. Jessy smiles and Tommy plunges his condom covered cock straight in forcing Jessy to cry out with great pleasure as his asshole gets spread wide open and filled with a hot hard cock and gets fucked in the missionary position.
Tommy fucks him hard, and then he smacks Jessy ass as he fucks him doggy style and then back into the missionary position. He feels his cock swell up inside Jessy Ares’s ass and as he pulls his cock out quickly, his cock explodes with thick drops of boiling hot spunk. Jessy cums over his stomach next and as Tommy goes to get cleaned up he sends Cameron a text telling him what a good homosexual fuck Tommy Defendi is.
Tommy Defendi is an exclusive star to and has starred in twenty three hardcore gay movies with them this year, and has got a big following on his Twitter page. He is young with a smooth chest looks like he should be in college. He has brown hair, innocent looking blue eyes and is five foot six inches high. He is versatile and has a seven inch cut dick and likes to have a cock stuffed in his asshole.
Jessy Ares is has blonde hair, blue eyes and is versatile with a six inch cut cock. He is muscular with a smooth chest and has starred in six movies with this gay male sex paysite so far since starting in August 2015 in ‘Recruiting Part 1’ with Johnny Rapid, another exclusive star to the adult pay site.

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