Quality Gay Movies

‘Male Sex Porn’ are great at working out your deepest, darkest fantasies. Time and again they produce high quality gay movies with high quality sound. They give you what you want, and quite often give you scenarios that you may not even of thought about before. It’s a land of dreams, hoping to fulfill your desires over the internet and with the help of some male sex videos.
This is a fantasy a lot of us may have thought about before. Imagine you are at a bus stop, you have rushed to get there but you still miss the bus. You see it drive off. You are in the middle of nowhere with nowhere to go. The next bus isn’t for hours, or in some cases, days. What do you do, where do you go? Do you imagine a stranger coming along in a car who saves you and takes you back to his place first for some fun, or would you just sit around a wait all those long, boring hours. This great hardcore flick may help out in times of troubles like these.

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Male Movie Stars

This gay male movie stars the gentle giant, Troy Phillips. Troy is a staggering six and a half foot tall with a firm muscular body. He loves living in the fast lane and enjoys racing cars. He is a great top, as all the men who have tried his eight and a half inch cut dick will tell you. He has brown hair and beautiful sparkling blue eyes. This is Troy’s third flick with Men.com. The other two are ‘The Apartment 2’, where he fucks the ass off Andy Banks, and ‘Wet’, also starring Jimmy Fanz.
Also, we’re introducing David Adams to his first flick with Men.com. David is a versatile top; he has blonde shaggy hair and blue eyes. He has a thin, hairy body with a seven and a half inch cut cock. He likes to read and says he looks like a nerd. It reality, he is the thinking man’s bit of crumpet.

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The Erotic Story

Gay pornstar Troy Philips is not happy; he has just missed his last bus home. He’s not quite sure what to do next. A car pulls up and the man inside, David Adams, asks if he can help him. Troy asks him why, as he doesn’t know him. David explains he saw what had happened, and it’s happened to him before so he knows that gut wrenching feeling. Troy agrees and jumps in the car. David then asks if he doesn’t mind, he has to pop home for something first. Troy obviously agrees.
Once at the house troy tries to leave after a while, but David comes onto him. Troy freaks out and pushes David down, saying he is straight and will not have gay sex with him . David apologizes saying that he hadn’t planned coming onto him, it just sort of happened. David says it’s been a while, and Troy has to admit that it’s been a while for him too. He then agrees that David can give him a blow job, but nothing else. (I love it when ‘straight’ men say this!)

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A Free Gay Male Sex Story

A male stud walks alone in the dark as the street lights cast a shadow on the path ahead. There is still darkness under the trees. A young man, Asher Hawk is standing buy nervously as if waiting for someone anxiously. The older guy, Colby Jansen approaches Asher. Although he looks nervous, Asher knows well what is about to happen. The two guys face each other. Asher moves closer to the light so that Colby can catch a glimpse of his youthful features. Asher is willing to satisfy the sexual frustrations Colby has. But since this is a secret and no one has to know what Colby does after dark, the two decide to walk away apart. Immediately they get into the hotel, Colby orders his young streetwalker to get naked.
Asher removes his clothes but he is so nervous you would wonder if this is his first time to do this kind of thing. After Asher strokes his cock to get hard, he is called into the bathroom. The younger guy takes his hard cock out and what follows is a heated slow sensuous suck session.
Colby needs more and after the suck session that lasts for some time, he decides to ask the streetwalker to sit on his cock. His cute looking ass manages to suck the long cock. Colby likes little boys and nothing pleases him like a soft ass bouncing up and down on him while he drills his cock. The flexible Asher then bends over for a doggie. Colby likes it flesh against flesh and he hits is so hard.
The boy of the night lies on his back to give Colby a different taste of the gay sex pleasure. Colby likes this and drills his cock even dipper. He then spews his cum all over Asher’s stomach after some time. He covers Asher’s tattooed chest with his cum. After his pent up tension is over, he sends away his streetwalker into the night.
Colby is one of Drill My Hole’s popular exclusive models and that makes this scene one of its finest. The mixture of older and younger is just the best.